Fire Safety Videos for the Garage and Shop

Duration: 5:33

Sometimes it’s not about turning a wrench. “Best practices” for the shop are important and when it comes to fire we all need to be prepared. You can do that by watching this fire safety video.

Safe Operating of Equipment

Lift Safety

First Aid

Medical Supplies

Threadlocking Agents & Thread Repair


Stripped Thread Repair Tip


Rust Removal

Detailing Your Hog

Bug Removal

Waterproof or Resistant

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2 Responses to “Fire Safety Videos for the Garage and Shop”
  1. Charles Anderson
    Charles Anderson

    Very good video on fire safety. I just have a couple of points to make.

    1. Stay away from plastic head extinguishers, they tend to want to leak down.

    2. The extinguisher you had in the video is a very good one. You need to check the extinguisher pressure gauge monthly and ensure there is a safety seal in place.

    3. Tip the extinguisher upside down every other month and gently tap the sides and bottom with a rubber mallet only to loosen he powder, it would be a bad day if you went to use your extinguisher and it didn’t work.

    4. A flammable storage locker would be a good idea. If a fire was to break out, your flammables would not feed the fire.

    Our fellow Hoggers can go to there local fire department for training in the use of fie extinguishers. Misuse can be just as bad if not worse than just walking away.