GOLD Event: A Conversation about All Things S&S Cycle with David Zemla

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Duration: 1:33:59

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Dennis Santopietro, Todd Canavan and David Zemla, VP of Marketing at S&S Cycle, step into the S&S facility to review complete engines, power packages, cams, exhaust and big bore kits. We’ll also talk about Shovelheads, Evos, Twin Cams, Milwaukee Eights and Sportsters.

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When I go to a website, I always look for the About US page. When I see a mechanical “we” and a generic Bio I usually move on to another company or try to find out more about them before I buy their products.

S&S Cycle has a great timeline. If you are unfamiliar with them and want to learn more, check it out.

Cam Spec and Overview – What, How and Why

Video Projects

M8 Cam Upgrade

Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe

Cam Gear Drive Conversion

Carburetor Rebuild

Harley Frame / Engine Swap


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