Harley 6 Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 2

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Duration: 13:23

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We move over to the right side of the motorcycle as we continue with the disassembly of our Harley 6 speed transmission.

Do Not Snap The Dipstick

Start by removing the transmission fill plug / dipstick. Not only will the transmission need to be refilled, but the dipstick will keep you from being able to slide out the gearset. Next, remove the clutch release cover from the Harley 6 speed transmission door. Be prepared for residual transmission fluid to run out from the door. If you are due for a clutch cable, plan for replacement upon reassembly. Also, plan to replace the throwout bearing that is on the end of the oil slinger assembly. The small bearing is cheap. If it fails, it can cause a lot of damage to the transmission.

Remove the transmission top cover and rotate the shifter pawl so that the free end rests on the transmission top cover gasket surface.

Removing the Harley 6 Speed

Now, remove the Harley 6 speed transmission trap door hardware and exhaust bracket if necessary on your model. Remove the transmission door and gear assembly by prying at the pry points at each side of the door or, if replacing the door bearings, you can gently tap on the end of the mainshaft with a soft rubber mallet. Remove the gear set from the transmission and set the assembly in a clean location on a work bench.

Shift Drum

With the side door on end, mark one top end of each shift fork and extract with a non-fluted screw extractor. The shafts are marked so that they can be returned to the same location upon reassembly. Remove the shift drum assembly lock plate and the detent arm assembly. The hardware will be replaced. Remove the shift drum assembly.

Press Time

To remove the Harley 6 speed mainshaft and countershaft lock nuts, temporarily install the assembly back into the case. Lock the gears together so that the lock nuts can be removed. Set the assembly into a press to remove the mainshaft and countershaft. Then, remove the retaining clips and press out the two door bearings. The bearings, clips and every gasket will be replaced but it is important that nothing is discarded at this time. It is important to save these parts for comparison or reference upon reassembly.

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