Harley Cafe Racer Build Introduction

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Welcome to our Harley Cafe Racer Build.

The MoCo, mothership Harley-Davidson, is working to get more people on 2 wheels and obviously a Harley. They have a 10-year plan to bring in 2 million riders. The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has also joined in the rally to bring more riders on board, no matter which brand.

We know and appreciate that Harleys are not cheap. They are well built and hold their value. The used market has been a tough place to find a “deal” but they are out there. You have to look and have a plan. We are sharing this Harley Cafe Racer video series to show that a deal on a used Harley can be found. In the spirit is self expression, we show how you can take it from stock to WOW within a limited budget.

That brings us to the Harley Cafe Racer build here at Fix My Hog.

We came up with a project to highlight some of Tommy’s building and teaching skills that he has shared with builders through his Chopper College programs.

Our goal with this build is to show the process of buying a used Harley, building a parts list from the design you want and sticking to a budget.

In this Harley Cafe Racer intro video, Tommy talks about the budget and mentions $11,500. Why that much? We figured by the end of the build we would have an almost new XL and those are coming in at $11,500. After further budgeting, we came in closer to $9,500 ($2,400 to purchase XL) and as you will see in this series you can do it for much less, if you don’t get crazy on new parts (that can be hard when looking at so much cool stuff out there).

We will be sharing the budget sheet, parts list and pricing with you. We did partner with some awesome companies for this build. We list out the retail price of the parts and how they came into our overall Harley Cafe Racer build budget.

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