Check Harley Hardware on Switch Housings

Duration: 1:47

Another simple yet very important safety inspection is the Harley hardware on the switch housing, the clutch perch and front master cylinder clamp.

If for any reason this Harley hardware were to loosen or fall off of the motorcycle, it would create a serious safety problem. Losing proper clutch function can be a serious safety problem. Losing control of your front brake function could be dire, resulting in serious injury or death.

Inspection is straightforward. Verify that the securing Harley hardware is correctly tightened, and move on. Check the switch housing hardware with a T-25 torx. It needs to be 35 to 45 inch pounds. Check the clutch perch and front brake control hardware with a T-27 torx. This hardware needs to be tightened 60 to 80 inch pounds.

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