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Inspect and Lubricate Jiffy Stand

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Call it what you want; jiffy stand, side stand, or kickstand. It is an integral component that we rely on and it must be inspected. Also to be inspected is the jiffy stand spring. It is inevitable that the spring will eventually need replacement. When replacing the jiffy stand spring, it is important to service your way in and service your way back out.

Start by supporting the motorcycle with the front wheel in a vise or with a flat jack beneath the frame. Extend the jiffy stand to its down position. Remove the hex bolt and flat washer along with the leg stop. Note the orientation of the leg stop. It must be correctly orientated upon reassembly. If installed incorrectly, the motorcycle is apt to fall when, at rest, on the jiffy stand.

Hold the leg forward beyond the normal down position and remove the end of the spring from the leg and from its mounting allocation on the frame. Slide the leg out of its bracket. Inspect parts for excessive wear. If the leg stop or hex bolt show even minimal signs of wear they should be replaced.

Apply anti-seize to the top portion of the leg that pivots in the mounting bracket. Install one end of the replacement spring into its frame allocation. It is important that the end of the spring enters the frame from the front of the weldment. If the spring rubs against the leg during normal operation, the spring was installed incorrectly, or into the rear of the frame weldment.

Now, hold the leg in its normal stop position and install the leg stop. A factory stop will have one stamped side which must be facing down when installed correctly. The longer side of the stop should face the rear of the motorcycle. Install the fastening hardware with a small amount of red Loctite and tighten 15 to 20 ft lbs.

Finally, verify that the jiffy stand can swing freely to its fully extended and retracted positions. Also verify that the rubber leg stop is in good condition and correctly positioned on the leg.

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