Installing Cam Bearings

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Duration: 11:26

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There is a specialty cam bearing tool that can be used to press the new bearings into the Harley cam plate. The cam bearing tool is meant to be used in conjunction with a hydraulic or arbor press. It is not a big problem if the speciality cam bearing tool is too expensive or not available as long as the Harley cam plate is correctly supported and that the press plug being used is only pressing on the outermost edge of the new bearings.

It is helpful to leave the new bearings in a freezer for awhile, or even overnight; this makes installation even easier. Also, it is always important to use assembly lube or clean oil for pressing. Press against the side of the bearing that has markings. This is always common practice for bearing install.

Identify the timing marks on the cam gears. Gear drive camshafts can be pressed into the cam bearings independently, one at a time. Line up the timing marks before pressing in the second shaft. Chain driven cams need to be pressed in simultaneously with the timing marks already aligned.

Press camshafts in until lightly bottomed, then spin the shafts and check for free, smooth movement. If any kind of binding is felt; stop. Determine what the issue is and correct it before moving forward.

Slide the cam bearing retaining plate into position and verify that there are no clearance issues with the gears, then use blue Loctite on the retaining screws and torque to spec.

Next in line, Mike will prepare for assembly of the new oil pump. Parts will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before assembly.

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