M8 Motorcycle Safety Check

Duration: 14:33

Mike will need to finish with a M8 motorcycle safety check and he is on his way to finalizing the service of the M8 Softail. Before rolling the bike off of the lift, the main fuse needs to be re-installed and the fuse block needs to be correctly orientated behind the left side cover. The left side cover can now be installed but the right side needs to remain off until correct oil levels are achieved. Reinstall the motorcycle’s seat and set the bike on level ground on the kickstand.

The motorcycle safety check has several components. Start the motorcycle and let idle to allow motor oil to circulate. While the motor is idling, it is a good time to do one last inspection of the motorcycle’s electronics. Check the left and right side turn signals and turn signal indicators. Check the four way flashers. Check for running lights and front and rear brake lights. Check low and high beams and high beam indicator. Check spotlights, horn, and speedo illumination.

Now you can turn off the motorcycle and check transmission oil level. Remove the fill plug/dipstick and wipe off. Then, screw the plug back in until seated. Remove again and inspect the oil level. Adjust accordingly. Install the transmission fill plug and torque 25 to 75 inch pounds.

Now, do the same for checking the motor oil level. Remove the dipstick. Wipe off and reinstall.
Remove again and gauge the oil level. Adjust the oil level as necessary. Mike’s almost done with the motorcycle safety check and finally reinstalls the plastic filler cover and the right side cover. Torque the left and right side covers 24 to 36 inch pounds.

The service and motorcycle safety check is not complete without a good test ride. Don’t just roll the bike back into it’s parking space in the garage. Now is the time to verify correct brake function, correct neck feel, etc. If something was overlooked or forgotten, you will hopefully be able to spot it on a test ride.

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