Softail M8 Oil and Transmission Lubricant

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Duration: 8:29

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With drain plugs installed and torqued to spec, Mike begins the process of filling, both, the Softail M8 oil and the transmission lubricant.

The service is being performed with the motorcycle on the lift and level. Setting the final levels for Softail M8 oil and transmission lubricant will take place after the motorcycle has been warmed up and is on the side stand.

Fill with 4 quarts of M8 oil and reinstall the oil fill plug. This is a safe M8 oil capacity for starting the motorcycle.

To access the transmission fill plug, use a 5/32″ allen to remove the right side cover. Then remove the small plastic cover from it’s allocation. Use a 3/8″ allen to remove the transmission fill plug. If having difficulty orienting a funnel, unclip the wiring harness for better access.

Fill the transmission with 28 ounces for a safe starting capacity. Reinstall the fill plug.

After the motorcycle has been warmed up and is on side stand, the final M8 oil capacity will be approximately 4.6 to 4.8 ounces. Final Softail M8 transmission lubricant capacity will be approximately 32 ounces. Check your capacities for year and model.

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