Vance and Hines Air Intake Install

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Duration: 7:29

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Check out this high flow Vance and Hines air intake. They call it the Vance and Hines V02, or Rogue air intake.

It will transform the look as well as the feel of your Milwaukee Eight power plant. The high capacity Vance and Hines air intake and filter element is encased behind a sleek looking, CNC machined, billet cover that is secured with race spec ARP bolts. Behind the air filter is a CNC machined, billet, venturi.

The VO2 Rogue’s high capacity, deep pleated, air filter element features the K&N Xstream filter top. This air filter was developed specifically for race applications to produce the strongest possible increase in horsepower for the high flowing Milwaukee Eight cylinder heads. These air filters are also washable which means that you will have purchased the last air filter for your Milwaukee Eight.

Tommy has already shown how to install Vance and Hines Power Duals with Vance and Hines 400 Eliminator mufflers. With the addition of the Vance and Hines air intake and, finally, an FP3 tuner; this M8 will be ready to pound some road!

Installation is relatively easy but it is always important to be careful not to scratch any of the new parts that you are handling. It is also a good idea to protect surrounding areas of the motorcycle like the cam cover or exhaust. Just take a minute to cover a few areas with clean towels. If you drop a wrench or a bolt; no problem. Also, towels sometimes help to keep nuts and bolts from bouncing and rolling across the garage floor.

Tommy starts by installing the two breather bolts and torquing to spec. Next, stack the gasket, backing plate support, backing plate, and the venturi. Align the stack with the pre-prepped hardware and start by hand. Snug and final torque the hardware evenly to spec. Now, install the remaining pre-prepped screws through the outer air cleaner bracket and outer bracket spacers. The outer bracket secures the air cleaner element into position. As before, start the hardware evenly by hand, and then torque to spec.

Next, Tommy is going to install and program a Vance and Hines FP3. Now that we have more air pumping through this motor, we need to correct our intake mixture by adding more fuel.