How To Drain Milwaukee 8 Fluids

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How To Drain Milwaukee 8 Fluids: 4 Easy Steps

Mike has the Milwaukee 8 secured to the lift and is ready to begin the service.

It is always a good idea to begin with the motorcycle “warmed up”. This way, the oils will more quickly and thoroughly drain from their corresponding compartments on the motorcycle.

There are three drain plugs that will need to be removed. One for each compartment; engine oil, transmission oil, and primary oil. All three drain plugs are identical. You can use either a 5/8″ socket, or a 1/4″ allen bit to remove and install these drain plugs.

It is acceptable to change the drain plug locations but we suggest trying to return each drain plug back into its original location on the motorcycle. It is always better mechanical practice to try working this way.

Drain plug locations have changed slightly on the Milwaukee 8. It is very important to know and understand the drain plug locations.

The Milwaukee 8 engine oil drains from the front of the oil pan. The transmission oil drains from the bottom of the oil pan. The primary oil drain plug is in the inner primary case. Just follow a straight line down from the center of the derby cover to the bottom of the primary case. You can’t miss it.

As Mike mentions; confusion between these two drain plugs can be potentially catastrophic. It is not uncommon to see a bike come in the shop that has been ridden without transmission fluid.

In an instance like this, the owner is usually attempting an oil change. Mistakenly removes the transmission oil drain plug and proceeds to overfill the engine oil. Overfilling the engine oil can create some issues. Running with a dry transmission case is just catastrophic. A very costly mistake in both parts and labor.

With the motorcycle draining, Mike moves on to the oil filter. The Milwaukee 8 motor does not have a crank position sensor in the way like the Twin Cam motors but it is still important to have an oil filter wrench that is appropriate for your year and model Harley. There are a number of options that work really well. Find what fits your budget. Use what you determine works best for you.

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