How to Remove an M8 Cam

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Duration: 15:47

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How do you remove an M8 cam? Mike shows us how with our M8 Softail strapped to the lift and is prepared to begin the M8 Cam tear down procedures for our S&S cam upgrade.

The complete exhaust system and air cleaner assemblies have been removed prior to filming. Mike reminds us of the procedure for disconnecting the negative battery cable without setting the alarm: With the key FOB present, power up the bike. Then, simply pull the motorcycle’s main fuse. Now, the negative battery cable can be removed without triggering the alarm.

The Milwaukee Eight has four spark plugs but only two need to be removed in order to turn the motor over by hand for the M8 cam removal process. Mike removes one front and one rear spark plug, lifts the rear wheel with a flat jack, and shifts the transmission into high gear (6th). Now the motor can be turned over by rolling the rear wheel by hand or by turning the crank shaft when the cam cover is removed.

To avoid fuel tank and rocker box removal, the stock pushrods will be cut out with bolt cutters. The stock pushrods are solid and would otherwise need to be removed through the top of the motor. They will be replaced by S&S Quickee adjustable pushrods. Mike removes the pushrod cover clips and collapses the pushrod covers. The throttle body plug is also disconnected and set to the side in order to better access the rear pushrods.

Before cutting the pushrods, top dead center on compression stroke needs to be achieved for each cylinder. A clothespin on the intake pushrod can be helpful for an easier view of the pushrod’s position. Turn the rear wheel and watch the clothespin move up and then down. Now, carefully insert a long, narrow screwdriver into the spark plug hole and turn the rear wheel until the piston pushes the screwdriver up to its highest point. Now, both pushrods for that cylinder should be capable of turning with your fingers and the pushrods can be cut without damaging the tappets. A simple elastic band and paper clip can be used to hold the pushrod covers up out of the way of the bolt cutters. Mike plays a tray beneath the motorcycle and removes the M8 cam cover exposing the cam compartment.

Next, we will move on and begin disassembly of the M8 cam compartment.

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