What is the Best Cam for M8 114 or 107

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What’s the best cam for M8 114, 107, or 117?

Our friend Mike Roen is getting prepared to take us, step by step, through the process of a S&S performance cam upgrade on this M8 Softail. Whether your bike has a 107, 114, or 117 cui motor, this procedure pertains to all M8 Harley Davidson motors–Touring and Softail.

Why try and find the best cam for M8 114, 107, 117? The main purpose for a cam upgrade is to gain more horsepower and torque but there are a number of other advantages. The hard facing on S&S 475 cam gear lobes and lifter roller surfaces is far superior to Harley Davidson’s. The S&S lifter guide is a cast aluminum piece, as opposed to Harley Davidson’s stock, plastic guide. Also, the S&S inner cam bearing is a full roller bearing which is far more durable than the factory caged bearing.

The stock, solid pushrods will be cut out with bolt cutters in order to avoid the need removing the fuel tank and dismantling the rocker box assemblies. The stock pushrods will be replaced with the S&S Quickee adjustable pushrods. A high volume S&S oil pump is also available, but in this video we will be using the latest oil pump from Harley Davidson.

Service manual instructions give a number of measurements needed to set the correct depth of the cam bearing. We will be using a cam bearing installation tool from Jim’s Tools that sets the correct bearing depth without the need for measurements. Mike will also be using a specialty tool for locking the crank and cam gears together for loosening and tightening retaining hardware.

Follow along with Mike as he takes us through the procedures for a cam upgrade on the Milwaukee Eight. You decide if it’s the best cam for M8 114, 107 or 117.

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