Install S&S Adjustable Pushrods

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We always like to use S&S adjustable pushrods on our motors. The S&S Quickee pushrod kit (with pushrod covers) is always the best way to go. There are other adjustable pushrod kits available that are less durable than the S&S adjustable pushrods. Also, some kits are difficult to adjust.

Many pushrod kits have longer exhaust rods, especially for Evolution and Shovelhead motors. Regardless of which adjustable pushrods are used, it is of utmost importance that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

Clean and assemble the S&S adjustable pushrod covers using a new center o-ring. Also, install new upper and lower pushrod o-rings at this time. It is good practice to use a wipe of clean motor oil on each o-ring for ease of assembly and fitment.

Before installing the S&S adjustable pushrods, it is vital to find top dead center on the compression stroke for the cylinder that you are starting on. When the motor is in its correct position, the lifters being adjusted should be on the base circle of the cam, or all the way down. It is helpful to use a paper clip and elastic band to hold the pushrod cover up, out of the way, while making the adjustment.

Lengthen the pushrod until slight resistance is felt. Then, make a small, visible mark on the pushrod and lengthen an additional four full turns. Then, hold the upper and lower pushrods in position while locking the jam nut with a third wrench.

If lifters are being reused, they will take between ten and twenty minutes to bleed down. If new lifters are used, there should not be any wait time as the lifters have not yet been pumped up from motor operation. Never try rotating the motor if a lifter has not been bled down completely. Doing so will result in a bent valve or other catastrophic damage.

After the S&S adjustable pushrods are adjusted, correctly position the covers and install the retaining clips with a long screwdriver.

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