M8 Harley Davidson Accessory Power Outlet

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Harley Davidson is keeping up with the changing times as well as the most current technology. Mike demonstrates for us on this M8 Softail where to find the Harley Davidson accessory power outlet.

Harley’s change over to a CAN BUS electrical system has changed the way we are able to, or rather not able to, access a 12 volt source or ground wires in order to add accessories. Gone are the days of simply tapping into a wiring harness at any accessible point. The CAN BUS system is very sensitive. If it detects a higher voltage draw within the system, various errors will occur. Now you need to find the Harley Davidson accessory power outlet.

You can, however, access the data link plug as an accessory power source. Most aftermarket accessories for M8 models will now be offered with a data link plug. If you are interested in an accessory and it is not sold with a data link plug, you should reconsider the purchase. Harley has also added a hard-wired battery tender plug onto all M8 models. It is now more difficult to access the M8 Softail battery. Having this battery charging plug is a must. Now, you should only need to access the battery at a major service or when it is being replaced.

Last but not least, all models are now built with a Harley Davidson accessory power outlet or USB plug-in port. By now, a majority of Twin Cam owners have had to wire a USB power source to their bikes in order to keep their phones charged, for GPS, for music, etc. This can be a bit of a nuisance. Usually having to run wires from the battery compartment, up to the handlebars or over to a saddlebag or tank bag.

With a factory USB plug already wired and mounted on the motorcycle, a rider only needs to be concerned with a single charging cord.

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  1. Thomas Holzknecht
    Thomas Holzknecht

    Hi Folks, you forgot: If you turn on the parking lights (Left hand controls, the Speedo Info Cycle button) by holding the button LHCM circle icon, you have also the USB port powered while your bike parks with engine off. I think it is worth mentioning.