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Sportster Forward Controls and Covers Removal

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Before we remove the Sportster forward controls, it is always important to block or seal off any openings in the engine, transmission, or primary drive compartments. Even if for only a short period of time. Debris, dust, or moisture can be damaging or even catastrophic depending on the circumstances. Tommy reminds us of this and, before he continues working, he takes a minute to block off the open exhaust ports and intake manifold.

In preparation for new mid controls, the Sportster forward controls, the rear master cylinder and brake lever assembly is removed and set aside. Behind the rear master cylinder is the front sprocket cover which is also removed.

The Sportster had aftermarket chrome covers on the gearcase cover and the rear belt guard. These are removed along with the belt guard itself. Next, we will move to the drive side of our Sportster for further disassembly in preparation for our new Sportster mid controls and custom finishes.

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