Harley Davidson Stator Removal

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Duration: 21:41

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How do you know if your charging system, which consists of the Harley Davidson stator and rotor, is functioning properly?

Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete Harley Davidson stator and rotor assembly on a Twin Cam touring model. If your Harley Davidson’s charging system is 100%, it will do no good for an outdated or damaged battery.

It is of utmost importance to use a fully charged, quality battery in your Harley Davidson. A quality Harley or comparable battery will have the amperage needed to power your V-Twin. A quality battery that is well maintained will typically last four or five years. However, after four years, you are on “borrowed time”.

When in the market for a new battery, shopping for a bargain is a bad idea. You will find that the cheaper batteries will underperform and only last half the time of a premium battery. If your battery is in question, have it professionally load tested. A local garage or auto parts store will usually load test a battery for free in hopes of gaining your business. Testing your battery will help you to gauge its overall health and give you an indication as to how much longer it can be in your service.

Mike demonstrates a full charging system test including ohms resistance between fields, ground continuity, AC voltage output, and of course DC voltage to the battery. Mike demonstrates Harley Davidson stator and rotor removal so we can replace it with a 50 amp upgrade. Follow along. There are plenty of tips along the way.

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