Harley Davidson Stator Replacement

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Duration: 26:03

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Overview of Harley Davidson Stator Replacement

Have you determined that your charging system was not functioning properly?

In this video, Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete charging system on a Twin Cam touring model.

He demonstrates the stator replacement with a 50 amp upgrade. This upgrade will keep your battery up to snuff as the demands on the battery and charging system keep growing.

The Harley Davidson stator replacement and upgrade is being done with quality parts made in the USA.

The unique design of Cycle Electric Inc. stators offer:

  • – Insulation able to withstand temperatures of 600° F to eliminate stator burn out
  • – Better low speed output to reduce battery discharge at an idle
  • – Lower operating temperature for longer service life
  • – Improved plugs that will not swell or separate

Mike shows us Harley Davidson stator replacement step by step and he reviews common mistakes people make during the stator replacement process. He shares the tricks he has used for many years in his shop to get the best results.

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