Tech Tip: Harley Transport Mode

Duration: 1:44

Setting Harley transport mode makes it possible to arm the security system without enabling the motion detector for one ignition cycle. This allows the motorcycle to be moved in an immobilized or armed state. However, any attempt to start the engine will trigger the alarm.

If you are trailering your Harley Davidson, it is important to put the motorcycle in Harley transport mode. If you do not put the motorcycle in Harley transport mode, the motorcycle’s security will be activated throughout the transport. The four way signal flashers will be activated every time motion is detected. The result will be a very low or a dead battery upon arrival of your destination. A dead battery is not the end of the world, but if you are planning a vacation or a trip to Bike Week, you want to roll your bike out of the trailer and go have a good time. You definitely want to avoid a set back that holds you up or leaves you behind.

Activation of transport mode is different between model years. In this video, Mike demonstrates on an M8 Softail model. This bike has a keyless ignition. It actually doesn’t even have an ignition switch. To activate transport mode on this motorcycle:

With FOB present, switch the RUN/OFF switch to RUN, then toggle the switch back to OFF. Immediately depress the left and right turn signal switches simultaneously. In the speedometer, both turn signal indicators will flash three times and “transport mode active” will be displayed. To get the bike out of Harley transport mode, switch the RUN/OFF rocker switch to RUN (with FOB present).

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