Harley-Davidson® Specialty Tools and Products

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Bob gives us a great overview of several basic and specialty tools we need to service our Harley-Davidson, from oil-change to custom part installation. These tools are readily available, and you might have most of them in your garage already. Bob shows us that tools are only part of what we need to gather. He shows us that the factory service manual for our year and model Harley-Davidson is a must along with Loctite, fluids, air cleaners, oil filters, spark plugs and more. We should have all these in place before we start any service or upgrade on our motorcycles.

Looking to Start Your Softail/Dyna Twin Cam Service? Start Here:

Softail/ Dyna Harley-Davidson® Charging System Check

Service Check List – Maintenance Schedule

Engine Oil & Filter

Harley-Davidson® Dyna Oil Change & Transmission Fluids

Drain Fluids on a Softail

Harley Primary, Oil & Transmission Fluid Fill

Air Cleaner

Softail Air Cleaner

Harley-Davidson® Air Cleaner Installation


Motorcycle Tire Maintenance Tips

Sealed Harley Wheel Bearings Replacement

Checking Harley Tire Pressure and Inspecting Tread

Harley Rear Tire Pressure, Inspect Tread

Wheel Spokes

Check Front Spoke Wheel Tightness

Harley Wheel Truing

Primary Chaincase Lubricant

Harley Primary Oil & Fluid Change

Drain Fluids on a Softail

Harley Primary, Oil & Transmission Fluid Fill

Transmission Lubricant

Harley-Davidson® Dyna Oil Change & Transmission Fluids

Drain Fluids on a Softail

Harley Primary, Oil & Transmission Fluid Fill


Clutch Adjustment

Big Twin Clutch Adjustment

Rear Belt & Sprockets

Harley Rear Axle, Belt Adjustment & Tire Inspection

How to Check Harley-Davidson® Belt Tension

Throttle, brake and clutch controls

Harley Throttle Cable Adjustment

Harley-Davidson® Throttle Cable Repair

How to Replace Brake Light Switch on a Harley

Check, Adjust and Lubricate Brake & Clutch Controls

Jiffy Stand

General Harley Lubrication Points

Inspect and Lubricate Jiffy Stand

Harley Kickstand Spring R&R

Fuel Lines & Fittings

Using a Harley Fuel Pressure Tester

Fuel Tank Filter

Harley Fuel Filter Removal on a Softail or Dyna

Harley Fuel Filter Install on a Softail or Dyna

Harley Fuel Valve Replacement

Brake Pads, Discs and Fluid

Harley Front Brake Caliper and Pad Replacement

Harley Brake Rotor Installation

Front Wheel & Caliper Re-install / Front Axle Alignment

How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Updated Caliper, Harley-Davidson® Brakes Service (Front)

Harley Davidson Brake Pads Change on Front Brakes on a Twin Cam 103

Harley Davidson Brake Caliper and Pad Service: Pre 1999


Harley Rear Brake Caliper and Pad Service

Motorcycle Rear Shock Adj, Wheel Removal

Harley Custom Rotor Rear

Motorcycle Rear Wheel Alignment / New Brake Pad Install

Harley Davidson Rear Brake Caliper Pad Replacement / Not Removing Caliper

How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Updated Caliper, Softail Rear Brakes Service and Bleeding

Harley Davidson Brake Pads Change: Rear Brakes on a Twin Cam 103

Spark Plugs

HD Spark Plugs Service and Replacement

Upgrades: Spark Plugs, Coils and Wires

Spark Plugs Replacement – Touring Twin Cam

Electrical Equipment & Switches

Motorcycle Safety Inspection

Electrical Systems Project

Handlebars 101

Front Fork Oil

Harley Fork Oil Change

Removing and Replacing Harley Fork Oil

Steering Head Bearing

Steering Head Bearings Adjustment

Harley Fall Away Adjustment & Steering Head Bearings Lube

Neck Bearing Race Removal in Harley Frame Swap Project

Rear Fork Bearings

Several Videos in Harley Frame Swap

Softail Shock Adjustment

Critical Fasteners

Means check all for loose parts

Engine Mounts & Stabilizer Links

Motor Mount Inspection

Motor Mount Replacement


Softail / Dyna Twin Cam Battery Check

Softail / Dyna Twin Cam Battery Install

Understanding Batteries(any Harley)

Touring Milwaukee Eight Battery

Touring Twin Cam Battery

Touring Twin Cam Battery

Battery Draw Test(any Harley)

Safety Check & Road Test

Safety Check

Ready To Ride Check List

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